Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Fiction
by DizBunny

This is a fan fiction piece based on the world and characters of Guardians of the Galaxy. I saw the first film last year and am so excited that the new film is coming out in a few months.

Have you seen the trailer yet? It’s really good.

On to the fiction..

Nothing was darker than the stars, the old sage had told Peter Quill.

And he also told Quill that virtue is the best property in a person. And that Peter Quill could be the legendary Chosen One that the prophesies of old and dank and darkness had spoken about.

Oh yes, the Prophecy. That what had made Quill lay awake at nights. Of course Gamora had asked what was up with Quill. 

“Of course,” Peter Quill would always say, “there is nothing going on, dear. Go back to sleep.” And in their minds they’d fill in “You don’t have to worry about the terrible burden I will have to carry for the rest of my life”

Because everyone knows, prophesies have a nasty way of coming true. And this one was about to come true spectacularly.

But before everyone got themselves ready to go after Thanos, there was one thing Quill wanted to take care of.

He had to introduce Rocket Raccoon to his parents. (A/N he’s ghey, read my other stories how that happened.)

Quill had been thinking for it for a longitme. His parents were the worst. Uppity, pathetic and homophybic

But Peter Quill had told them that he finally got engaged and that he would introduce Rocket Raccoon to the family before they would make it official (A/N there is geymarriadge in The Galaxy. If you want to know how htat happened, read my other stories!)

“Uuuuurgh,” Peter Quill said while while fishing

“I can handle it,” Rocket Raccoon said

“You don’t know my parents!” Quill said.

“I know, but if they created you, then they can’t be that bad,” Rocket Raccoon spoke wisely.

“I noooooo but it’s still…uuuuuurgh.”

“We’ll just go there and I’ll impress them,” Rocket Raccoon said manly

Then Starlord snugged deeper into Rocket Raccoon’s arms. He felt safe there. Peter Quill knew that whatever would happen, Rocket Raccoon would protect him.

The day of the dinner had come. Quill and Rocket Raccoon took a shuttlecraft to his parents.

They came into a dining room and the table had already laid.

“Ah, you’ve finally arrived,” Starlord’s mom said and she looked at Rocket Raccoon, “You’re late.”

“It wasn’t her fault,” Rocket Raccoon said always as protective of Peter Quill as he was. “It was the weather.”

“Sure… sure…” Mom said and she went back to the kitchen.

“Wow,” Peter Quill said, “she didn’t even shake your hands.”

“Oh well,” Rocket Raccoon said manly. Oh gosh, that nonchallant way. Exactly the reason why Peter Quill had falled in love with the man.

Quill was busy swooning over his fiancé when his dad came in.

“Boy,” dad said and the stared at Rocket Raccoon.

Rocket Raccoon shook his hand politely.

“Ah, you’re here too,” dad said to Peter Quill, “Help your mother out, it’s time that the men have a conversation.”

“uuuuuurgh,” Starlord said and went into the kitchen. He hated how his dad considered him less than a man. Only because he was the ‘girl’ in the relationship didn’t mean he wasn’t manly at all!

Then Peter Quill’s mother made him do all sorts of annoying useless jobs. After all, as mom said, people like them were inheritly used to these sorts of things.

Then dinner came. Peter Quill was told to take the food in while mom and dad already sat down. Peter Quill wasn’t even allowed to see where Rocket Raccoon went off to.

Just before he carried in the first plate of food, he felt something weird. Like a crosswire went down his back, tingling all along the way down. Something was off, but Peter Quill was still too annoyed with his parents!

Then Peter Quill carried in the meal. But no one was there. Instead, at the end of the table, Thanos sat!

Thanos laughed at him, “My my, that apron looks lovely on you!”

Peter Quill threw down the meal and flexed his muscles. Oh, he had been waiting for this moment. Not only was Thanos going to feel the fullest extend of Peter Quill’s rightious fury, Quill could also unleash his frustration with his parents!

He threw the dish at Thanos like a disco. But as it hit his archnemesis, it turned out it was a hologram!

“If you want to see your parents again,” Thanos said, “come to my Hut”

Peter Quill felt conflicted. On one hand, Peter Quill hated his parents, on the other, he still needed them for the wedding!

Rocket Raccoon came in and said: “We should save your parents.”

“But uuuuuuurgh,” Peter Quill said.

“No we should. I talked to your dad, and he really does love you.”

“Alright. Fine.”


A/N: I got bored and stopped writing, sorry.


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