Harry Potter Fan Fiction
by DizBunny

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I have read all the books, seen all the films (several times) and even played a bit of Pottermore. Following up on my fan fiction about Lord of the Rings, another fantasy epic, here is my latest story, Harry Potter and the 1/16th Blood General.

You know you’re going to love it…

Hermione felt really depressed one day. She had just found out that she was adopted. Her real parents turned out to be nobles from Europe. They had a upper class tower and were mighty rich! But she had none of that richness around. It made her feel pretty bad about herself so she listened to some good music.

But long she did not have to be depressed as Harry came in and kissed her in her special place (they had fallen in love at the end of the story see). And he said: “I love you so much, it hurts. But fortunately I like pain, as I am into that stuff. But I know you are hurt now and not in the sexy way. What is wrong with you? If you feel bad then I feel bad. But not in the sexy way.”

So the witch told him the whole story. He was shocked to hear this and said “I’m really shocked to hear this! Your parents are monsters!”

“Which ones?”

“All four of them, I don’t like them. As much as I don’t like Luna!”

And that was a lot because Hermione knew that the bespectacled boy hated Luna because she was unbelievably stupid and fat.

But the Brunette took out a letter, “This had just arrived,” said Harry.

Hermione opened the envelope and inside was an invitation:

“Most Esteemed the witch said the message”

“You are cordially invited to the royal ball of your parents. Your real parents, miss.”

“We hope to see you soon. Most esteemly yours, Dutchess!”

Oh my, said Hermione this is rad!. But the gryffindor was a little sceptic: “Maybe it’s a trick.”

“Why?” said Hermione

“Because there are…. rumours. Of Voldemort still being around!”

“Surely he could not come all the way to Europe!?” said Hermione Granger confidently because she didn’t think that Voldemort could travel that far.

“Hurm,” said Harry contagiously, “we just have to be careful.”

“Hold on,” exlciamed the smartest witch of her year, with a twinkle forming in her eye, “there is something else in the invitation!”

“Princess Hermione, hereby we also bestow upon you the keys to the cage of a flying unicorn your parents have provided you with. Also, whenever you hold this key in your hand, your powers are increased”

Hermione was really happy with that but also felt a little bad for Harry. After they had a reaction ship, the green eyed boy had taught her his Magic and she picked it up really well! She was now even better at Harry at the Magic!

So they went and picked up the flying unicorn. It was really quick and agile and flew around them like it really enjoyed itself! It took a moment but with enough training and perversion, Hermione trained it to her will! Now they could go and visit their parents!

But little did they know that the invitation was not from the bushy haired girl’s european noble parents, but from the strange witch instead! And she had teamed up with Riddle!


Meanwhile Raven was sorted into Slitherin.

Arriving at the mysterious shack, Harry found that there was an item laying on the table in the shack. Around the shack was a mysterious circle drawn in sand or perhaps salt.

“Be careful” said Ron who as usually was cowardly squatting behind Harry Potter. The seeker carefully maneuvered into the shack and on his tiptoes and scuttled forward. The floorboards beneath his feet croaked and Harry could hear a loud hummer coming from the table. There the Horcrux laid. Right there for his taking.

But the gryffindor was clever. The gryffindor knew it was a trap!

So Potter said to Ron, “Why don’t you take it, it looks safe.”

And the freckled boy was like “Oh, well, if you’re sure, I will!”

Harry slowly paced backwards and let him to do the taking. The chosen one knew that if it was a trap, Weasley would be triggering it. And then Voldemort would get him, but not him. Potter knew Ron wouldn’t mind sacrificing himself for him. He always said that.

But fortunately when the blue eyed boy grabbed the Horcrux, nothing happened. Except they were cowardly attacked by security guard’s!

They hoped into the shack and fired shurikons at them, but they managed the dodge them quite well (by hiding behind eachother).

They then sneaked away by using the furniture and table as cover for them.
But now with the Horcrux in their hands, they could take the dark wizard straight on!

Meanwhile Raven was sorted into Slitherin.

Harry followed the screaming till he reached his brother, who was being tortured.

“Harry! Over here! quick! help me! It hurts”

“And not in the good way :(”

Then the chosen one saw the final boss, who had been torturing his brother.

Harry shot bullets from his pulse pistol really fast and the bullets went WAM! and hit Voldemort in the eyes and then he couldn’t see.

“I will never make love to you again,” lied Harry “We were such good lovers!”

Harry said “Eat This!” and punched Voldemort in the eye and the Voldemort went to his knees.

Harry said “He is dead now, you is safe.”

“Thank you!”

“Glade I could help, brother”

“But you should come earlier next time!” and they laughed.


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