Inside Out Fan Fiction
by DizBunny

The following story is a sequel to Forbidden Passions of Anger, which is a story that I posted in one of the Pixar fan forums. I can’t remember which one, but when I do I will post the link.

You might be able to understand this fic without reading what one first, but you wont get all the references and layered subtext I put in. If you don’t read the earlier stuff, take that into account when reviewing, that what seems to be mistakes might be me being deep.

This is the story of one loan heroes struggle to overcome to the forces of evil. This hotness’s name: Joy!!!”

On a cold September, after my great adventures, I was wondering what to do that week. I had picked up my life from where I left it and wanted to make something from it. Then all the sudden a strange woman appeared on my doorstep. She was hidden beneath a long cloak and had long brown nails on her fingers. Her dirty hair fluished down from beneath the cloak and she had glowing eyes!

“You are not who you think you are!” said the strange woman.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“You are not who you think you are,” she said again with a mysterious crackling voice like a bad radio transmission.

“I still don’t understand you?” I said.

“Here, take this,” she said and gave I an Buddy Christ.

“Take this and give it to your parents or guardian, they will know what to do with it! But first, eat this sandwich.”

She handed me a ham and cheese sandwich and with that she disappeared before my eyes!

I was confused but thought that I had to do something. But rather than going to my parents or guardian, I decided to show it to Fear.

“Oh no,” said Fear, “you must forget about this!”

“Why?” I enquired, “what do you know?!”

“I… I can’t tell you. My dear Joy, I didn’t think it would be this soon!”

“What?!” I yelled, “are you keeping things away from me?!”

“It’s …. it’s for your own good! You cannot know this!” said Fear and before I could do anything, Fear had escaped my grasp.

“No! Dammit! When will I ever know the truth?!”

I was feeling depressed. One of my best friends abandoned and betrayed me. It hurt. So I wanted to find Disgust. After their adventure, I and Disgust had been spending a lot of time together. I kind of started to like her and after I had only recently discovered that I was bisexual, Disgust seemed like the perfect girl to be around with!.

So I went to Disgust and told the whole story. She listened to me without saying a single word.

Then she said: “WTF, this is sooo big”

And I said: I know! Do you know a way to find out what is happening? Why is everyone hiding things from me?!”

Disgust sighed and said: “You have always been special, I and not just to me.”

“How do you know that?”

Disgust looked at the hand mirror that I had received and said: “it kind of looks like the Prime memories, doesn’t it?”

“could be…but it might not be…but, yeah,certainly it might be”

“Whatever it is, I can recognise it quite well. And I think,” Disgust said, “that perhaps the mysterious woman wanted you to find something inside of you.

“Inside? Like my heart?”

“No, don’t be silly, like a mamory. Think about it, if your parents lied to you and now Fear doesn’t want to talk to you about your background, perhaps there is a hidden memory in your head!”

Disgust’s logic was flawless. So I had to try it!

So I concentrated on the object. immeditately I felt drawn into it. It stated ouit as a vague, fuzzy thing like when you wear glasses and there is a lot of moisture in the air and you see a cock on the horizon.

But then it turned out that there was a secret memory, hidden beneath the vail layer of self-loving in my head.

And within that memory, a burning figure appeared. It was Jangles! In hell…

I was confused. I didn’t think that memory would be in there, and yet it was there, burning like the heart of a newborn star and the centre of the earth.

I was as of yet the most beautifyl thingy in the whole of California, Joy believed me to be. As I faigjt the great villianness Jangles, my hair bobbed up and down consistantly like a rubber duck in a bathtub. I swipped at the Jangles and was more than anything Joy had seen before. My beatiful feistful pressure shocked Jangles’s henchmen into copulating before me.

Serenity, take my sword! said Joy, and give it to the greatness before us. She will need our legendary sword in order to defeat the great uber-Jangles”

And lo! Serenity did so and the maginificent great mysterious woman that was me took the sword and I stabbed Jangles.

He was defeated. But was Jangles? Because as Joy ran towards me (I was the mysterious strange beauty of her draems) and was about to share the greatest kiss she had ever given to someomne in the history of mankind, Jangles rose up and fled!

So we defeated Jangles the clown and everyone was satisfied!

Jangles the clown: what do you mean, it’s not over yet?! I’m invincible!

Me (Serenity): No No, back into your coffin!

Jangles: Grrrr. You will never get me in my box. I am too large and too sexy!

Author: Ohh no, it looks like the characters still want a story!

Me: of course we do! Or cake. I love cake!

Jangles: Well I’m gonna steal your cake!

Me: Noooo! Whats going to be my dinner now!?

Jangles: mhuahahaha, life isn’t worht living without caaaaaaaaake, so just die already will you?!

Me: OK, Ur right, life isn’t worth living without the awesomeness of cake. Farewell bitter world of cakelessness!

Anger: chotto mate-ah!

Jangles the clown: huh ;^_^;

Disgust: domo desu-ka @_@?

Me: Caaaaaake, need cake. Like brains, but cake!

Anger: well, I want you, how about that?

Anger winked at me, but I wasn’t into men .

But Disgust was all hot ‘n that, I thought. So

I Left the and looked for a nice bed to crawl into together and maybe more Me: Oh definitely more, I’m going to rip your clothes off and rub my cock curator and your lovebox until we achieve perfect femlovin’!

Author: well, looks like they’ll be busy for a little while. Cake?.

Jangles: Nooo the cake is a lie. Gimme it!

The end


I hope you liked my fan fiction about Inside Out. In case you’ve never seen the movie or forgotten about the characters, take a look at the trailer here:



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