Here is some fan fiction based on the universe of the Chronicles of Narnia. This was originally a book series written by C.S. Lewis and later turned into a film series. However, while there are seven books, only three movies were made.

If you ever read the books, and you should, then try to read them in chronological order and not the order in which they were published. My correct order is:

  1. The Magician’s Nephew
  2. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
  3. The Horse and His Boy
  4. Prince Caspian
  5. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  6. The Silver Chair
  7. The Last Battle

Here’s my own contribution: some Narnia fan fiction. It’s pretty bad. I must warn you in advance. The following story is a sequel to

The Swansong of Platinum and The White Witch
You should be able to understand this story without reading that one, but for the full character arcs and to get all the references you should read both.
In the beginning there was the The Deeper Magic..
Peter and Lucy Pevensie were entering the room.

“Hay Lucy Pevensie” said Peter
Lucy Pevensie was looking unhappy though.
“Bad news Peter. We are broke”
“Hu? But after our last adventure we were rich”
“Yes, but after tax’s we are broke. In fact we owe money now because taxes are high for rich people”
What will we do?” said High King Peter to Lucy Pevensie
“We need to make a lot of money to pay of the tax else our iggloo in which we live will be repossed!”
Just then, the TV which was on all this time changed to a news announcement.
“..And the world Swordsmanship championship final starts tomorrow. Aside from the coveted trophy, The prize this year will include 18million euro…In other news, a war…”
Lucy Pevensie shut the tv off.

“Of course!” said Peter
“Swordsmanship! Why didnt I think of that!”
“Yes Swordsmanship – the sport of kings!”
Peter nodded in agreement.
“We can make lots of money doing that and pay of the tax that we owe”
“YES” screamed Lucy Pevensie getting excited.
“But we need a ‘in’ else we wont be allowed in”
“Dont worry! I know someone who can get us into the finals!”
“Oh thats good”

And with that they got into the finals!

The next day, Peter was nervous.
He was good at Swordsmanship, some would say the best. But was he really the best? The best at Swordsmanship on Narnia? Peter was about to find out, as the contest started soon.

Peter thought back to a few years ago.

Happy times, before all the the troubles with Jadis got really bad.
Breaking out of his deep thoughts, Peter decide to go to the Arena early, perhaps do a few laps as a warm up.

Peter casually strolled to the Arena while practicing Swordsmanship.
As Peter walked out he was surprised to see Jadis already there!
The White Witch was clearly upto something. Peter had to find out what it was!
“What you upto The White Witch?” yelled Peter.
“You will never find out!” yelled back Jadis, who wanted to keep her plan a secret.
Frustrated, Peter started practicing Swordsmanship, never taking his eye of Jadis as he did so.
Aslan joined them a few minutes later.
“Hi Peter!” he said
“..and hello…..The White Witch”
“yes. Hello Aslan. Good to see your in the contest too. For now”
But before Aslan could hear what villain had said, it was time to start!

They walked to the start line, and bent down ready.
The crowd was getting big. Many fans had banners saying stuff like
‘Go Peter Pevensie Go Peter Go Peter’
‘Go Go Go The White Witch your the best!’

The starter pulled their bow and arrow out and got ready to fire.
Aslan, Jadis and Peter all waited with anticipation.
Aslan started breathing heavily
Jadis tensed. Ready to go.
Peters skin glowed with excitement
The starter fired the bow and arrow… ASLAN!
ASLAN COLLAPSED instantly. Jadis started Swordsmanshiping, laughing manically as she did so.

Peter was in shock, and raced over to Aslan.
“She shot you!” but why?
“Owww…I am shot bad”
The starter stared at their weapon.
“I didn’t mean too…my bow and arrow acted weird!”
Peter the Magnificent looked at the bow and arrow.
Using his famous forensic skills, Peter made a deduction.
“Yes….this bow and arrow clearly has been sabotaged to shot at Aslan.”
“Typical” said Aslan.
“What now?” said Peter.
“You have to go on” said Aslan, still mildly dazed.

But just then the clack-son went off!
It was half time!
Back at the locker room, Lucy Pevensie and Peter were talking. Aslan had been taken to the hospital.

“How are you ever going to catch up?” said Lucy Pevensie.

The White Witch was leading when half time went. Peter Pevensies time spent seeing to Aslan had cost him the lead.

“Its not important” said Peter.
“Whats important is I know why Jadis wants to win the World Championship Swordsmanshiping contest. Its the prize.”
“hu” said Lucy Pevensie
“I did some research and its really the The Deeper Magic! If she wins the contest they will give her it and there will be nothing we can do to stop her”
“Also she was the one that sabotaged the poor Aslan!”
“poor Aslan ”
“yes poor Aslan ”
“The contest doesn’t matter any more, we must get that The Deeper Magic by winning the contest!’

“But how? How are we going to win”
“I have a plan” said Peter

Just then the horn sounded. Half time was over, and the final part of the Swordsmanshiping contest had begun!

When they restarted Peter the Magnificent quickly started losing.
(Not intentionally mind, it was because Jadis was already winning when the contest stopped for the half time break. When the contest resumed, The White Witch thus got a head start at the Swordsmanship and was in the lead)

“Whatever you plan to do you better do it quickly” said Lucy Pevensie panicking.
“Don’t worry, The White Witch is almost in the position for my plan to work..”

Jadis turned a corner while doing the Swordsmanship..
“NOW!” said Peter!

Suddenly, right in front of Jadis
Edmund Pevensie appeared!
Then he started undressing!
“Hay Jadis, hows things…”
The White Witchs Swordsmanship-ing screeched to a halt.
“Its hot in this stadium in front of all these people isn’t it?”
Edmund Pevensie took his top off. He was wearing tight leather pants too.
Jadis stopped completely, noticeably sweating and swaying back and forward.
“Hay hot stuff” said Edmund Pevensie gyrating on the spot.
Jadis fainted.

With that, Peter Pevensie calmly overtook the unconscious Jadis.
“Wow! that worked great” said Lucy Pevensie
“Indeed, I knew Jadiss one weakness was man candy”
“That’s right….I cant resist them….they make me all wibbly wobbly inside” said The White Witch getting up but still dazed.

It was too late though Peter Pevensie had just passed the finishing line, winning the Swordsmanship-ing contest!

The crowd went wild, Peter took a bow.
Susan Pevensie And Edmund Pevensie danced around Peter cheering.

“The The Deeper Magic is safe now! ” said Peter the Magnificent.
“Till next year at least…..that’s the next time this yearly contest is!”

-The End



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