This is a fan fic all about the Legend of Zelda, one of my favorite video games…
Link woke up next to Tingle. (earlier that week he found out he was gay) “Ganon is back, my spider-sense is tingleing…” “If he is back, then he must be a zombie!” “Good thinking!” Suddenly Malon came in quickly. “Ganon is back, he has killed Midna and Old Man !!!” “oh, bugger” said Link At that moment Malon dropped dead on the floor, from mysterious causes of death. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” said our hero.
“Nooooooooooooo!!!” he repeated, in an upset tone of voice. “She was my friend, I am very upset!” “There there, Link.” Tingle patted Link on the back. “Thanks, that’s better :)” “Look! She has something in her hand!” Inside was a secret encrypted, coded note: “The star of david will destroy the carpet as the reboot action figures of evil returns.” “This must be a clue!” “lets go!” So Link got onto his hoverlimmo. The others followed on their terrain wagon but were quite far behind. Link knew he had to go faster and faster like the speed of sound. So he raced down streets and around cornors, skiding furiously around pedestrions and cops. “No time for rules!” he called out as he passed. “I have to take my full responsibilities of life!” he said.
Suddenly up ahead he saw some bad guys! So he did a massive wheely backflip over them, headbutting them as he was above them. “Eat my fist!” Link yelled as he slapped them. He speed onwards past fields and villages and cities and castles and other landscape. Then he saw the road sign to where he had to go, and so he went. He whacked some more bad guys out with a sideways 360 spin, before leaping off the bike. Later, when the others catched up, they continued their journey. But they knew the battle was going to be fierce! And when they saw the armies of Ganon embazzling before them, they had to gather the courage to go forth. “For God , The Hero of Time yelled. “For SCIENCE,” Tingle said. “For Loop!” Malon ejeculated loudly.
And then they all attacked! And it was a fine spectacle to behold (A/N Oooooh, they’re doing such cool things! Like bam! And Zuuuf!! And Pow!) And then, just when our heroes could not take it anymore, they defeated Ganon!
The end
I was going to write some Minecraft fan fiction featuring Steve and Alex but maybe I’ll get to that next time. I’ve been playing around with some new Minecraft maps and getting a lot of story ideas from them. I’m thinking about having it take place in the Nether instead of the Overworld, but I have not totally decided yet.

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