Guardians of the Galaxy : Escape from Knowhere

Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Fiction
by DizBunny

This is a fan fiction piece based on the world and characters of Guardians of the Galaxy. I saw the first film last year and am so excited that the new film is coming out in a few months.

Have you seen the trailer yet? It’s really good.

On to the fiction..

Nothing was darker than the stars, the old sage had told Peter Quill.

And he also told Quill that virtue is the best property in a person. And that Peter Quill could be the legendary Chosen One that the prophesies of old and dank and darkness had spoken about.

Oh yes, the Prophecy. That what had made Quill lay awake at nights. Of course Gamora had asked what was up with Quill. 

“Of course,” Peter Quill would always say, “there is nothing going on, dear. Go back to sleep.” And in their minds they’d fill in “You don’t have to worry about the terrible burden I will have to carry for the rest of my life”

Because everyone knows, prophesies have a nasty way of coming true. And this one was about to come true spectacularly.

But before everyone got themselves ready to go after Thanos, there was one thing Quill wanted to take care of.

He had to introduce Rocket Raccoon to his parents. (A/N he’s ghey, read my other stories how that happened.)

Quill had been thinking for it for a longitme. His parents were the worst. Uppity, pathetic and homophybic

But Peter Quill had told them that he finally got engaged and that he would introduce Rocket Raccoon to the family before they would make it official (A/N there is geymarriadge in The Galaxy. If you want to know how htat happened, read my other stories!)

“Uuuuurgh,” Peter Quill said while while fishing

“I can handle it,” Rocket Raccoon said

“You don’t know my parents!” Quill said.

“I know, but if they created you, then they can’t be that bad,” Rocket Raccoon spoke wisely.

“I noooooo but it’s still…uuuuuurgh.”

“We’ll just go there and I’ll impress them,” Rocket Raccoon said manly

Then Starlord snugged deeper into Rocket Raccoon’s arms. He felt safe there. Peter Quill knew that whatever would happen, Rocket Raccoon would protect him.

The day of the dinner had come. Quill and Rocket Raccoon took a shuttlecraft to his parents.

They came into a dining room and the table had already laid.

“Ah, you’ve finally arrived,” Starlord’s mom said and she looked at Rocket Raccoon, “You’re late.”

“It wasn’t her fault,” Rocket Raccoon said always as protective of Peter Quill as he was. “It was the weather.”

“Sure… sure…” Mom said and she went back to the kitchen.

“Wow,” Peter Quill said, “she didn’t even shake your hands.”

“Oh well,” Rocket Raccoon said manly. Oh gosh, that nonchallant way. Exactly the reason why Peter Quill had falled in love with the man.

Quill was busy swooning over his fiancé when his dad came in.

“Boy,” dad said and the stared at Rocket Raccoon.

Rocket Raccoon shook his hand politely.

“Ah, you’re here too,” dad said to Peter Quill, “Help your mother out, it’s time that the men have a conversation.”

“uuuuuurgh,” Starlord said and went into the kitchen. He hated how his dad considered him less than a man. Only because he was the ‘girl’ in the relationship didn’t mean he wasn’t manly at all!

Then Peter Quill’s mother made him do all sorts of annoying useless jobs. After all, as mom said, people like them were inheritly used to these sorts of things.

Then dinner came. Peter Quill was told to take the food in while mom and dad already sat down. Peter Quill wasn’t even allowed to see where Rocket Raccoon went off to.

Just before he carried in the first plate of food, he felt something weird. Like a crosswire went down his back, tingling all along the way down. Something was off, but Peter Quill was still too annoyed with his parents!

Then Peter Quill carried in the meal. But no one was there. Instead, at the end of the table, Thanos sat!

Thanos laughed at him, “My my, that apron looks lovely on you!”

Peter Quill threw down the meal and flexed his muscles. Oh, he had been waiting for this moment. Not only was Thanos going to feel the fullest extend of Peter Quill’s rightious fury, Quill could also unleash his frustration with his parents!

He threw the dish at Thanos like a disco. But as it hit his archnemesis, it turned out it was a hologram!

“If you want to see your parents again,” Thanos said, “come to my Hut”

Peter Quill felt conflicted. On one hand, Peter Quill hated his parents, on the other, he still needed them for the wedding!

Rocket Raccoon came in and said: “We should save your parents.”

“But uuuuuuurgh,” Peter Quill said.

“No we should. I talked to your dad, and he really does love you.”

“Alright. Fine.”


A/N: I got bored and stopped writing, sorry.


Lord of the Rings : Fight for the Future

Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction
by DizzyBunny

This is fan fiction inspired by J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, one of the finest fantasy trilogies ever written. It was also a really amazing series of movies.

Aragorn and his friends were Striding

They always enjoyed Striding to relax when things were getting stressful. They thought nothing Striding all the time – it was just a way of life.

But things were different today.

Someone was watching them enjoy Striding, and it was starting to get creepy.
“The creepy guy is creeping me out”, said Arwen.
“Yes, me too. ”
Just then the man walked over too us.
“I am a talent scout”
“Owww…THAT explains it”
“Aragorn, I have been watching you while you did some Striding. Your skilled. VERY skilled.”
“Oh, yes, Aragorn is great at it” said THE LONG HAIRED WOMAN.

“INDEED. maybe the greatest. Look at Aragorn’s body. His ankle! His arm! His nose! Its like he is built for Striding! Every aspect of his perfect physique built for that one divine purpose. ”

“I am thus going to officially invite Aragorn to the Striding championship!” continued the talent scout.

“We are going to the championship!?” said Arwen
“Yes, the ticket has a +1. And you both go straight to the final!”
“But you will be fighting against someone else that made it to the final…someone you know well….Sauron!”
“Then its settled” said the longhaired man. “We go. We cant let the man of lies win at anything. Even Striding.”

So they left for the stadium.

A little Later, Arwen Undmiel was taking a crap.
She was having trouble though.
It felt like days passed and still no sign of release.

“Help..Errrr… ahhhh! Christ! when is this epic poo gonna pass!?” The beautiful woman exclaimed, Her face wincing with effort.
She made every effort in her little girl body to expel this demon thing from her curvy back side.
Just as The daughter of Undmiel was going in for another push..
Without warning the bathroom door suddenly burst open unexpectedly. Ahhhh!

“Well hello…The black haired woman” a seductive noise whispered from the doorway.

A shadowy person stood leaning against the door frame. Her deep, sensual voice which Arwen knew immediately. Her mind began racing and a nervous sweat began pouring from her face.

“The lady of Lothlorien… is that you? wha- what are you still doing awake…?”

She appeared in nothing but a towel, seemingly ready to take a steamy shower.
However She couldn’t with The long haired woman near by….they were like family now.Lady Finarfin was like Her father.

Any sane person would never allow their own father to see them in the nude. Right? RIGHT!!?! SHIT!”

“Oh I felt dirty from questing all day…ya ever feel dirty Arwen Undmiel?”

“Y-Yes, I mean NO! NO! NO! Never” Arwen Undmiel shrieked, She became so immensely worked up he cleaned her colon clear of the demon feces that had been clogging it. His voice also cracked like he was 13 again, but in comparison to the loud flatulence she just unleashed, who cares? The strong woman heard though, and giggled like a adorable baby girl laugh. It sent tingles all up Arwen Undmiel’s spine.

“Oh you’ve always been the shy one in the family, The black haired woman…”

Arwen was not shy, at all. She defeated the man of lies and blew up His evil machines for Christ’s sake! and now she suddenly found herself speechless. Was She going to see his metaphorical father literally naked? Little did he know, that was merely a sprinkle on the banana split of carnal pleasures that was to come.

“..the shy and excitable one.” said Galadriel Finarfin finishing the sentence She started earlier.

“Wh-what the…” and before The daughter of Undmiel could send the third word out of Her mouth..

..The strong woman’s towel dropped to the floor, revealing her swimsuit underneath.

The long haired woman noticed everything on her instantly. Her soft butt,her magically gravity-defying breasts and the tiny thingy colored birth mark on her butt, which made Her feel funny…as She had one there too.

Still, the sight of her near perfect body caused The beautiful woman to feel funny in places she had never felt before.

“hehe oh my The half-elven woman…you’re more impressive than I thought.”
“uh… ye-yeah, th-thaaanks Lady Finarfin, you’re cute too.” THIS IS SO WRONG! It raced through her head at lightning speed. But the beautiful, wet, soapy body that stood before her spoke otherwise. Her shapely body was everything The half-elven woman could want …in a body to make use of. Yet did family like relationship matter?..


But just as The half-elven woman was committing. Committing to a path that they couldn’t go back from.

The longhaired man burst into the toilet!

“What are you too upto?”

“Err..nothing” said The beautiful woman as she causally slipped her pants back on.

Galadriel Finarfin, who Aragorn didnt notice, picked up her towel and backed out slowly.


“I was just having a shit…see?” The black haired woman gestured to her shit.

“Oh, thats a shit all right! One hell of a shit!

Ok, if your done we better go”

So The half-elven woman put her other pants on and left. She had a serious case of blue balls, but at least her anus didnt feel so bad now.

As she walked out The lady of Lothlorien whispered one word. A word fall of hope.


The half-elven woman Giggled.

Fortunately, their traveling companion was as oblivious as ever, and didn’t notice.

The next day, Aragorn was nervous.

He was good at Striding, some would say the best. But was he really the best? The best at Striding on Middle Earth? Aragorn was about to find out, as the contest started soon.

The Heir of Isildur thought back to a few years ago.

Later on, frodo awoke sam at night.
He looks longingly at Sam
“What is it Mr Frodo sir?”
“I cant do it Sam.”
“Cant do what Mr Frodo”
“The ring, it weighs too much (not literaly, metaphor), I cant carry it any more.”
“I love you mr frodo sir, but not nesscerily in a gay way. just in a man love way.”
“I know Sam. But it doesnt help.”
“I wish it did, I wish my love for you could help mr frodo”
Suddenly, then, Gandalf appeared. He looked with amusement at the hobits.
“Maybe it can” he said as he cast a spell.
“What did Gandof do mr frodo?”
“I cast a spell” said Gandalf.
“Now your love will help frodo carry the ring”
“I can feel it, the ring is lighter thanks to your love now”
“Dont mention it mr frodo sir”
And he didnt ever again, but deep down he new Sams gift of love was saving him from the rings evil.
Happy times, before all the the troubles with Sauron got really bad.
Breaking out of his deep thoughts, The Heir of Isildur decide to go to the Arena early, perhaps do a few laps as a warm up.

Strider casually strolled to the Arena while practicing Striding.
As Aragorn walked out he was surprised to see The lord of Morder already there!
Sauron was clearly upto something. The Heir of Isildur had to find out what it was!
“What you upto The lord of Morder?” yelled The Heir of Isildur.
“You will never find out!” yelled back Sauron, who wanted to keep his plan a secret.
Frustrated, Aragorn started practicing Striding, never taking his eye of Sauron as he did so.
Legolas joined them a few minutes later.
“Hi The Heir of Isildur!” he said
“..and hello…..Sauron”
“yes. Hello Legolas. Good to see your in the contest too. For now”
But before Legolas could hear what villain had said, it was time to start!

They walked to the start line, and bent down ready.
The crowd was getting big. Many fans had banners saying stuff like
‘Go Aragorn Go Aragorn Go Aragorn’
‘Go Go Go Sauron your the best!’

The starter pulled their hand cannon out and got ready to fire.
Legolas, Sauron and The Heir of Isildur all waited with anticipation.
Legolas started breathing heavily
The tempter tensed. Ready to go.
Aragorns skin glowed with excitement
The starter fired the hand cannon… GREENLEAF!

LEGOLAS COLLAPSED instantly. Sauron started Stridinging, laughing manically as he did so.

The Heir of Isildur was in shock, and raced over to Legolas.
“He shot you!” but why?
“Owww…I am shot bad”
The starter stared at their weapon.
“I didn’t mean too…my hand cannon acted weird!”
The longhaired man looked at the hand cannon.

“Yes….this hand cannon clearly has been sabotaged to shot at Legolas.”
“Typical” said Legolas.
“What now?” said Strider.
“You have to go on” said Legolas, still bleeding.

But just then the clack-son went off!
It was half time!
Galadriel winked at The half-elven woman when no one else was looking.
“Later” she mouthed at her silently so no one could hear.

As Greenleaf was carried taken to hospital by stegosaurus, Aragorn and Arwen retired to the locker room.

The sorceror was already there, still grinning.

“Oh what a shame. Legolas isn’t going to compete any more. Even doing nothing I’m going to come second. You know…I might just let you win..out of my….generosity… ” Sauron sniggered again.

With that The sorceror left out the backdoor.

“Gosh darn-it” The long haired woman said. “The man of lies drives me mad! ”
“You know, I think he had something to do with Legolass accident ”

Aragorn was thinking. Hard.

“The tempter is never generous. Lack of generosity is his number one defining characteristic. Well, that and evil”

“That means…” said Arwen, her slow cogs working.

“…He wants to come second!” said Aragorn, thinkingly.

“Do you think thats…”

“….because he wants the second prize medal!” said Strider, winning again.
“It must be because the second prize is really Ring ”

“Yes, now that Iook at the second prize I notice it now. Its clearly the Ring”

“That explains why someone would want to become second!”

“So we have to beat the tempter by being the best at coming second? How are we going to do that…you have never lost before! ”
“I know” said the longhaired man. “I am not sure I know how”
“You got to though. Just this once you got to come second!”
“No I cant. But I have an idea….you could compete!”
“Me?” said Arwen Undmiel, surprised. “Do they even allow girls like me to do Striding?
“Yes, its a modern contest, a few girls have already competed. I’ll win the contest as normal, and you will come second. You can do this!”
“Ok Aragorn, I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you”

Then the Gong went again, the final leg of the Striding contest had begun!

Later, The long haired woman and The female Elf were alone again.
“Its Later” said The female Elf, pulling The beautiful woman towards the bathroom.
“But what about the others?”
“I’ll just tell them you are helping me shower. They wont suspect a thing”
“True. They are all idiots”
Then, suddenly, The lady of Lothlorien was naked. Arwen Undmiel wondered how She did that. She must have been nearly naked this whole time!
The shower turned on…
..The beautiful woman was already.

Galadriel lathered up good and fine. The soap dripped off Her body at a seductively slow pace. Arwen Undmiel could not contain the powerful urge of excitement that raced through Her veins.
The alluring look of her nudie comrade became too much for her to fathom and her body started sweeting.

There The daughter of Undmiel sat, Her gold pants pulled quickly down at his ankles, on a toilet full of poop with Her bodly fluids on full display, eyes bulging from Her face.
The blonde giggled as Arwen Undmiel’s dignity shriveled and died, but The beautiful woman had always enjoyed that delightful snicker, even after She found out She was Her own flesh and blood.
“Well…wh-what do we do now?” The long haired woman said, desperately trying to sound suave.
“It. We do it.”
“yes. it”
“we do it?”

…and with that Galadriel jumped on Arwen Undmiel. And they cuddled and hugged a lot.
“I love you The female Elf”
“I love you too The Evenstar….lets get married”
And they did!
The black haired woman looked especially radiant in a dress. Later, after their honeymoon they continued their adventure (with non of their friends any the wiser)…..

The daughter of Undmiel and Aragorn stepped into the arena again.
The tension was high, like a tree, high.
Aragorn could feel it.ARWEN COULD FEEl it.The tempter could feel it. The crowd could feel it.
This contest was about to get real!

“Good luck” said Sauron snearingly at them.
“Maybe you will even win” he said while laughing manically.

“I know what your upto …and that’s why The daughter of Undmiel is also going to compete! You will never come second Sauron!”

“Yes, that right I am competing!” said Arwen while climbing into her Striding-ing outfit.(getting dressed behind a screen out of view, of course!)

“It doesn’t matter you will still lose”

“You mean she will come second?”

“Yes. At coming second. She will lose at coming second.”

“NEVER” screamed The Evenstar! Just as the starters wand went of.

With that everyone started Striding-ing frantically.This went on for the normal 5 hours. It was a tight contest, the crowd was on the edge of their seats. Sauron and the beautiful woman were sweating oceans of wetness.
It was getting near the end now and Sauron could see he was losing. Suddenly he whipped out his bow and arrow and used it on Arwen at point blank range.
Arwen collapsed. It was only a mild blow but it was enough to put her out of the contest.
Aragorn rushed back.
“Are you ok!?!”
“You have to come second. Its our only hope now”
The longhaired man turned to the contest judge but they had been looking the other way and saw nothing.

“Ha! See you cant defeat my cunning!” said the man of lies.
“No I’ll beat you! I beat you good like a song with a good beat like Wannabe!” said The longhaired man who was starting to do Striding again frantically.
“Thats not a good song” said The tempter who was right.
“I’ll beat you anyway”
They argued as they Stridinged, and the crowd was still on the edge of their seats.
Suddenly Aragorn slowed down!

“Ha!” said Sauron triumphantly….as he went past the finish line!
“I’ve won I’ve won!! I’ve won the world Stridinging champion contest!”
“Yes. And I’ve…come second” said Aragorn.
“What…..NOOOO……you tricked me into winning!” said Sauron upset.

But it was too late The tempter got the first prize award and Aragorn got the second place award…which was really One Ring!

Sauron left the arena with his first prize sad and depressed to go back alone to his basement.Strider triumphant took the second place prize…..the first he had ever got…..and run held it up to the crowd who cheered like mad but they didn’t really know why.

-The End

A Step-by-step Guide For Early Poptropica

Welcome to Early Poptropica, the primary island adventure from this game. One’s venture in Early Poptropica is extremely simple: one should repossess three items that were stolen from the island’s early inhabitants.

It’s easy and quick to complete this introductory island in the game.

First Stop: Main Street

As soon as you leap down from your blimp, you will be on Main Street. Go inside the Pop Art Museum to see art from famous artists and speak to the artists themselves. There are two multi-player buildings here: the Arcade and the Soda Pop Shop.

Ready to start exploring? It’s fun to jump up the side of the water tower in the middle of Main Street. The Signal Flag that you need to retrieve for the Early Poptropicans is way up at the top but it’s not accessible yet. You ‘ll also see an open manhole. You can jump down now if you want, but you might want to wait until you get your Glow Stick. Getting back up isn’t so easy!

Early Poptropica and the First Settlers

Run to the right until you get to the end of the street and then press on to the Early Poptorpica area. The characters here look like pilgrims, and the buildings resemble traditional cabins. Speak with each of the citizens here and you ‘ll soon learn that three important items have been stolen from them.

Now it’s time to go get the Glow Stick. The Glow Stick is in the very upper-left corner of this room. Walk into the Glow Stick to add it to your items.

Back to the Start

OK, with glow stick in hand, let’s go check out that underground area beneath the open manhole. Go ahead and enter the manhle and then make your way to the very bottom. There are some purple spiders here, but don’t be too worried about them. Even if you fall all the way to the bottom, you ‘ll still land on your feet. Then jump over the green spider and go right to find the prized porker. Touch the pig to incorporate it to your inventory. You might be tempted to exit the manhole now, but there’s more to be found down there. Get past the green spider again and enter the tunnel on your left.

Because you have the glow stick, you ‘ll be able to navigate your way through the dark passages. Once you spot a rope, go up. Keep climbing until you spot the Golden Egg. As you go, you ‘ll see a few clues written on the wall to let you know if you’re going the right way. When you find the Golden Egg, touch it to add it to your items.

After you get the Egg, travel upward to find an exit, and you ‘ll find yourself in front of Poptropica Towers.

Check Out Poptropica Towers

So now you have the Pig, but you still need the Bucket and the Flag. Because you are at Poptropica Towers, you should start exploring the city street lined with tall buildings. Jump to the ledge of the first building that you come to and climb up to the rooftop. Travel from building top to building top, bouncing off clotheslines to help you. When you reach the blue building, climb to the very top, which looks like a rooftop restaurant. Next climb up the vine.

Up in the Clouds

Now you’re in the clouds. Head right until you see a huge pair of purple feet. Click on the feet to talk to the giant. He will accept your Golden Egg as payment to enter his vegetable garden. Look near the vegetables to find the missing water bucket.

Continuing in the Clouds

Continue moving right until you find the Aircraft Graveyard. You can’t use some of the planes here, but if you search carefully, you will find a Jet Pack. This is simply what you need to get to high places– like the top of the Water Tower, where the Signal Flag awaits you.

Get back to Main Street as soon as possible. Then equip the Jet Pack to get up to the top of the Water Tower. To fly, move your cursor until you see a green up-arrow. Hold your mouse button down to move up. Now move left or right. When you reach the top of the tower, click on the Flag to add it to your items.

Finish the Job

Now you’ve got the Pig, the Bucket, and the Flag. Head back to Early Poptropica. (You can fly if you want to, but you will have to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Talk to all the three settlers who were lacking items. Once you do, the items shall be taken out of your Inventory and returned to their previous owners. When you finally return the Signal Flag, a vessel will get to the pier. Speak with the individual on the boat, and he will reward you with an Early Poptropica Medallion. Great job!

Misunderstanding Mission

This is a new mission on Dizzywood and there are a lot of steps. But when you finish the mission you get a totally awesome photo in a frame for your house of Mrs. Whiskercheeks and Sophie. They were mad at each other but after you help them out they are friends again.

Dizzywood Easter Egg Hunt

There is going to be a dizzywood egg hunt this year and it sounds fun!!! I joined Dizzywood too late to do the easter egg hunt last year so I am really looking forward to it this time. I hope the prizes are good!!!!